Our Imported Fruits and Vegetables


Best quality Pakistani mango imported from Pakistan.  Types include Chonsa, Anwar Retor, Langra and Duseri.
Available June to September.


We import Best Pakistani Guava which are best known for their strong taste and smell.
Available October to March.


Fresh juicy oranges grown in special controlled environments from Pakistan.
Available January to March.

Jamun/Black Plump

Jamun & Falsa. A tasty unique fruit grown in Pakistan. Pakistani Jamun & Pakistani Falsa. Freshly picked.
Available June to September.


A very famous and healthy vegetables also known as Gourd.
Available two times a year.


Freshly harvested and tasty carrots from Pakistan. Available November to February

Tinda/Apple Gourd

Also known as Indian squash. A tasty south asian vegetable.
Available two times a year.

Arvi/Taro Root

Also known as arvi has many benefits including weight loss and digestion. Available two times a year



We Import High Quality Fruits and Vegetables from Pakistan

Our suppliers are carefully picked to ensure premium produce. We have a quality check in place so that you get the best tasting organic produce.


Produce from Pakistan

Pakistan has one of the most assorted varieties of fruits and vegetables. Its produce is known to be fresh, full of taste and smell. These fruits and vegetables are original and are never genetically manipulated thus giving its full health benefits.

contains fewer pesticides
doesn't contain perservatives
strong taste and smell
grown from natural fertilizers


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